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Car Alarm System with Owner Detection (SPY-LA3)

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Quick Overview

Lock or unlock automatically by sensing technology


Advanced car alarm technology with unique features. You no longer need to worry about finding your keys to your car door. The worry is over with Smart SPY alarm technology. The 2 in 1 system unlocks your vehicle upon touching distance. Simply approach your vehicle and it will know you are near it! This is technology found in high end BMW's only! Basic Function * In arm * Remote Trunk Release * Trigger Mode ID Function: ( 2-stage shock sensor) * Microwave sensor/proximity (Optional - not included, easy addon) * PKE Manual Anti-Hijacking Function * Central Door Lock System Automatically * Re-arm * LED Indicator * Intruding Warning * Power off Memory * Door unclosed well warning & Dome light delay * Arm Reminding * Emergency Disarm * Electronic/ Pneumatic Central Lock ( optional) * Door Opening Flashing (Optional) * Central Lock Automation * Code Learning PKE Function 1. Lock or unlock automatically by sensing technology 2. Identification function 3. Auto Anti-Hijacking Function 4. Remote Sensing Function Auto Switch 5. Manual Switch On/OFF PKE function1 Year manufacture warranty


Manufacturer Spy
Specifications Lock or unlock automatically by sensing technology
- Identification function
- Auto Anti-Hijacking Function
- Remote Sensing Function Auto Switch
- Manual Switch On/OFF PKE function
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $99.00


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